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<span>Consider Only the Best</span> Hair Extensions

Consider Only the Best Hair Extensions


Zedz hair salon is the leading Western Australian salon in ethical Hair Extensions who transforms hair to increase volume and or length, and one of the few salons who are able to colour match hair & extensions, leaving our clients with a natural, long lasting look. Zedz salon only uses the best quality hair extensions, Great Lengths and Showpony, and can offer clients a choice of extensions to suit all budgets. When investing in hair extensions, make sure you choose the salon that gives you the best look, and extensions that lasts. All of Zedz clients are incredibly happy with their new look. Zedz offer a free consultation (a holding fees is required) to discuss the look you would like. This consultation is recommended to ensure you received the look you desire. Book your FREE consultation now on 9319 1016 (a small holding fee is required, to guarantee your appointment & will be reimbursed at your appointment – see below).

Perth’s Hair Extension Specialists in Great Lengths MULTISONIC, COLD FUSION & SHOWPONY

Terrina Brown, Zedz Salon Director is also the WA State Educator in Great Lengths Hair Extensions. She teaches the best hair extension techniques to other salons in WA. Zedz salon offers a blend of GREAT LENGTHS COLD FUSION and MULTISONIC quality hair extensions, as well as SHOWPONY luxurious human hair TAPES & CLIP-IN extensions for a quick change. Multisonic is the latest method of application exclusive to Great Lengths and Zedz is the only salon in Australia offering this technology. PLEASE NOTE: Hair must be at least 10cm long to apply extensions.


At Zedz we offer luxurious extensions to suit our clients’ look they want and their budget. There is the choice of tape application made with Swedish hypoallergenic tape, or various clip in sizes to provide a quick daily change. Our Showpony range includes an extensive array of colours, is made from human hair, undetectable, natural and safe. It is the fashion accessory to create highlights, fill gaps, indulge in a noncommittal fringe, fix a bad hair cut or inject your ponytail up-style with instant volume. Whatever style you want, the Showpony range can help you achieve it. Be it fierce, elegant, glamorous or boho. Which Showpony gal do you want to be?

BLENDED MULTISONIC Extensions – “Newest Technology”

COLDFUSION – Zedz machines use a cold fusion method to bond the extensions to your natural hair and the Multisonic tweezer creates small pillow bonds that are ultra comfortable. Single, multi or a combination of strands can be applied. This precise application also minimises any damage or tangling to your own natural hair as they grow out. Zedz also offers colour blending, such as highlights and lowlights that is seamless achieving a natural result.

MULTISONIC is the world’s first ultrasound device (in the hair extension sector) able to attach both single and multiple strands at once. That means that the process of attaching multiple strands to your hair is now far quicker, easier, and more natural looking.
A full head of single strand permanent hair extensions can be done in half the time!

Gentle and reliable, MULTISONIC can apply up to 10 strands at one time to your natural hair, creating small bonds that are much smoother and pillow shaped that can also be removed easily. Your new extensions immediately appear more natural and feel more comfortable.

MULTISONIC is particularly convenient for ‘lunch’ hour appointments and high and lowlight colour blending, while volumising can be achieved even faster. The benefit of this system is in the blending of colours. As the strands are now entwined and bonded together (highlight and lowlight with natural hair colour), the blending is truly seamless. Along with the new shape and size of the bonds, the extensions are virtually undetectable.

The secret to creating extensions that seamlessly flow from your natural hair to your new Great Lengths strands is the unique cold fusion method. Each strand is attached using only ultrasonic ‘vibrations’ and air pressure. This heat free process mean that’s your hair remains lustrous, healthy and smooth.

If you have thin or fine hair, MULTISONIC results are particularly sleek and fluid, giving you more creative freedom and style-ability.

Great Lengths, the world’s most advanced hair extension specialists, have just introduced their revolutionary new hair extension system, MULTISONIC, to Australian shores.

About Great Lengths

Great Lengths is the only hair extension company that controls all elements of its business from sourcing through to manufacturing. All hair is 100% human and of the highest quality from Indian temples. It is guaranteed to be100% ethical and 100% traceable.

This virgin remy hair (meaning all strands lay the same way from root to tip) then goes to the Great Lengths factory in Italy where it is transformed into the luxurious extensions that are shipped to prestigious salons globally. Great Lengths has created a highly sophisticated depigmentation process that does not damage the hair. Great Lengths reinvents proceeds back into the local community in India to provide funding for schools, hospitals and orphanages.

Hair Extension Services Available at Zedz

  • 100% human hair
  • Ethical hair extensions
  • Multisonic, cold fusion & blended applications
  • Hypoallergenic tape
  • Remy A+ Clip In extensions
  • Feather
  • Increased hair length
  • Increased hair volume
  • Superior Quality
  • Increased hair volume

Hair Extension Lengths:

Great Lengths are available in 30cm, 40cm, and 50cm, and the price increases per length.
Showpony Tape Extensions are available in 35cm, 50cm and 60cm lengths, and the price increases per length.
Showpony Natural Clip-In Extensions are available in 45cm lengths in 2,3,4 and 7 clip pieces; 50cm in a 7 clip piece; and 55cm in a 9 piece clip-in.

Over 50 Colours:

Our Great Lengths extensions has the largest range of colours available and our certified extensions technicians are trained to blend up to 3 similar colours to achieve the most natural result (base colour, highlights and lowlights). Whereas our Showpony extensions are made with a quality two toned colour range to allow for undetectable colour matching.


Colour Block strands for a Balayage Colour effect and fashion colours ranging from pastel to brights to jewel.


Our Extension Technician is in HIGH DEMAND and requires a holding fee of $20 which WILL BE REFUNDED after your Consultation. This ensures that your appointment is secure. Unfortunately we cannot do Extensions Consultations without a $20 Holding Fee. All Hair Extension appointments are to be made via phone or in salon only. Appointments not available online.

Find out Price Indication – Note: The number of extensions used vary from client to client.
Find out more about Great Lengths Hair Extensions


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