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<span>Zedz Art Team</span> Leaders in Style

Zedz Art Team Leaders in Style

The Zedz ‘Art Team’ at the nationally-awarded salon, Zedz Hair and Beauty House in Palmyra lead the industry in hair looks and creativity. While ‘Art Teams’ are regular practice in the large fashion houses of the hair industry (L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf) they are seldom seen in hair salons which rely on the fashion houses to train them in the latest looks, styles, techniques and colours to emerge from Europe and America.

art team
from our WASTE collection

“Despite the high standard of work in Western Australia, there simply is not enough creative work being produced here. We are heavily influenced by the training provided by the large fashion houses, all of which is channeled through the Eastern states. Zedz By Design is a team of hair artists who will design seasonal looks suitable for our local climate and culture using the best of international fashion. This is about taking on a leadership role in hair fashion in this State.”

Zedz Salon Director, Terrina Brown.

Established in December 2010, the concept brings together a boutique team currently consisting of Salon Director, Terrina Brown, and two Master Stylists Grace & Kirsty. The team was chosen as the result of a competitive selection process within the Zedz salon based on the criteria of organizational skills, motivational levels, confidence, presentation, ability to manage time and stress pressures, and supportiveness.

This team creates new looks suitable for Perth women and men based on research on fashions and trends in hair, clothing, architecture, music and design, and through a process of experimentation to develop cutting techniques and colouring styles which guarantee successful results. The finished seasonal collection will be delivered to Zedz staff through a thorough training program to ensure clients can be confident they are receiving a high quality product. Members of the Zedz provides training to other salons across Australia, and are always in demand to speak audiences and share their expertise at many international events, including South Africa and the United States of America.

zedz awards
from our COMMODUS collection

By fusing 8th Century with the 21st Century, we were able to collaborate a modern day, Roman History Collection which we name “Commodus Collection”.

The lines used were clean, sharp and superiorly detailed. The Gladiator effect translated into our images with the colour palette being rich, earthy reds, coppers, browns and burgundies, offsetting with cooler tones of blues and greys. By inter-mixing tones Metallic movement, we were able to create hair that was inspired by Roman Head Armoury.
Hair a combination of sleek, smooth ,textured and tonal, our motivation was to incorporate meaning into the hair relating to that era. Figures were sculpted to perfection in order to replicate the fierce aesthetic physique of the Roman Warrior.
The 8th Century saw woman without power, so by modernising this, we created strong, fierce woman with gender equality.


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