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Meet the Zedz Dedicated Team

Perth’s Award Winning Hairdressing Salon and Day Spa comprises of a team of talented and dedicated people who love to make everyone look and feel fantastic. At Zedz we feel it is important to offer the best possible service to our clients, and believe this is one of the main reasons why they always come back for more. Get to know our professional team.

Hair Salon Team

Terrina – Salon Director (click to open)

I love change. I believe it is the key to success and at Zedz we are always looking ahead to the next big idea and the latest in trends. I’ve constantly reminded that it’s equally important to look back and reflect on where you’ve come from. What could be more appropriate than sharing with you the journey of Zedz and how that adventure has transformed me. For our long standing and loyal clients this will refresh your memories; for our newer clients, welcome to a Zedz experience.

Zedz started as a partnership between two friends; a friendship, which I am very happy to say is still very strong today. The salon opened in Palmyra in 1991 in the Bicton Shopping centre (by Fresh Provisions). I had been working in theatre in Sydney since graduating from the WA Academy of Performing Arts; and then came this business opportunity that was too good to pass.

After a year with the salon, the lure of the stage was too strong and I toured Australia for 6 months in a musical, Fireman Sam. I played an 8 year old boy. My business partner decided that she would invest in another Business as a sole trader, so I placed a manager in the salon and had an exciting and rewarding national tour.

Although our partnership had only lasted a short time it was a special experience and the beginning of many changes for Zedz and myself. I continued to work to build Zedz from a one person show to a salon with six staff over the next 6 years. I expanded from one shop to two, and tried a cafe within the salon before opening a beauty department within the salon.

“When the lease on my premises at Qcumbers (now Fresh Provisions) came to an end, I decided to live out the biggest dream of my life – to build a luxury new building and grow the business beyond expectation. I wanted Palmyra to have a Hollywood-style salon, and I wanted the women and men of my community to know that wealth is no barrier to excellence. With careful planning and much guidance from experts and special companion, I was able to build my dream. While the new building went up, we worked out of temporary premises almost adjacent to the building site. And finally in 2006, we had a red-carpet event to launch our new look Zedz, right here in Palmyra”.

I grew up in Myaree and the Fremantle community is very important to me. My time spent in the theatre as a working mother also fostered my creative spirit. As a result, I wanted Zedz to be portrayed as glamorous but with a blend of family values and down –to –earthness. I wanted to create an establishment where all of our clients could leave their worries at the door and connect with their senses; to create many point of differences and stand out alone with a wow factor. We have succeeded in making the salon look like it is in Hollywood and it has become a talking point with in the community. I love the suburb of Palmyra as it has a real sense of community. I want to keep this feel as it is about family and community.

Since opening our new Hair and Day Spa Salon business has tripled over the last two years. While there is no ‘walk by’ trade, we have an average of 26 new clients a week. This result is due to our great team and management and our clients who give continuous referrals.

I have been in a privileged position over the years to be able to talk with all kinds of women and men who come to get their hair done, and I’ve learned a lot of things about what they want and where they require it. People lead such busy lives these days, and I realized that while Days Spas were becoming all the rage, most of them were located in busy precincts that weren’t always easy or desirable to get to.

We have a fantastic team here. I pride myself on training my staff well and giving them opportunities to learn to grow and find out how far they want to go.

And I want to see, too, how far I can go. My journey with Zedz gets more and more exciting each year. I’ve lived out my biggest dream, yes. But we all dream new dreams ….

Mandy – Master Makeup Artist & Receptionist (click to open)

Well Hello!!

First of all, Welcome to Zedz. It’s so great to have you here. I have been at Zedz since 2011. I was always told that the older you get, the quicker time goes, and this time has flown by.

My background is Make-up Artistry where I managed a high-end brand for 5 years before moving on and worked for myself for a while focusing on Bridal Make-up. The Beauty Industry is such a fulfilling one, as you have the power to not only transform someone’s looks, but how they feel on the inside. I also have a Certificate in Business Studies which allows me to tie them together at Zedz.

My role at Zedz is a broad one. Salon Receptionist/Make-up Artist/Personal Assistant/Marketing Assistant – so you could call me a ‘Slashie’ as the term goes. There is a lot that goes in to making a successful business like Zedz, and I love to be busy & hands on. I started out as the Receptionist, and within time, proved myself to Terrina that I was more than capable of taking on more responsibilites, and in turn, help her with her workload (which is more than you’d think – the woman NEVER stops!).

Amongst being at Reception attending to clients bookings, I juggle a lot of other tasks, such as Terrina’s famous lists! (I swear she wakes up in the middle of the night and jots down something for me to do the next day.) I work on the Marketing with Terrina – Facebook, Zedz Website, Pinterest, E-mail Specials, Zedz App and different ways to advertise the Salon other than from outside sources. I also work alongside her as Bridal Planner, with Terrina as Head Stylist & myself as Head Make-up Artist.

Thank you so much for coming to Zedz, I really hope your time here was an enjoyable one and I look forward to seeing you many more times throughout the year!

Belinda – Master Stylist (click to open)

Hi, my name is Belinda. I am a Master Stylist here at Zedz and I have been part of the team since 1999!

I started out at Zedz as a Junior Assistant on Thursday nights & Saturdays. This followed through with an apprenticeship. Within 4 years, I had completed my apprenticeship and became a qualified Senior Stylist.

I have been involved in many events whilst at my time here at Zedz; including Fashion shows, photo-shoots and competitions, even winning awards for my work.

Even though winning awards feels great, my favourite feeling is when my clients leave the salon happy, and return to me 6-8 weeks later for their regular visit. I have such a loyal clientele base that it humbles me to know that they trust me explicitly with all of heir hair needs.


“My experience this morning was fantastic. I was greeted by Belinda, she had a nice warm towel for me to prepare for a hair wash and rinse. From then on I felt really at home and comfortable. I felt very comfortable when Belinda cuts my hair. She gets it right every time. When I walked out of the salon I felt just soooo good.”

Grace – Master Stylist / Art Team (click to open)

Hi – My name is Grace and I am a Master Stylist here at Zedz. I have been here since my Traineeship/Apprenticeship in 2009.

I absolutely adore my clientele base which I have built up very quickly over the course of a couple of years, and I couldn’t be happier. I listen to my clients’ wants and needs and together we come up with the perfect style, whether it’s colour and or, cut. I feel it is important to have a change every now and then as there are so many different techniques coming to the forefront of the Hair & Beauty industry. If you know me, you will know that I love to change colours every so often as it makes me feel like a new person each time.

I am part of the Zedz Art Team where we discuss upcoming events and photo shoots for various projects. It is here our collaboration is put to fruition to come up with a successful project.

I hope to see you soon where I can give you the best consultation of your life. I will listen to what you want and ask you questions, so I know exactly what you are after and we can achieve your desired outcome together.


“What a treat! I received a Gift Voucher from my daughter for a hair treatment and Cut & Style with Grace. I must say, that the entire service, from the welcoming Receptionist to the Junior Assistant -who gave me the most relaxing head massage I’ve ever had at a hairdressers, to Grace herself, was just what you would want from a business. Kind, Friendly & knowledgeable – these staff members, and this salon is one that I will come back to. 

I normally go to a hairdresser that sprays my hair down with a water bottle and does a little trim and I then walk out with damp hair. Definitely NOT something that happens at Zedz. I get a lovely head massage at the basin, get my hair cut and then blow-dried. I end up glancing at myself in the review mirror of my car as I drive home. 

Stop procrastinating and do yourself, and your hair a favour and go to Zedz. I think the phone number is 9319.1016.”

Kirsty – Master Stylist / Art Team (click to open)

My name is Kirsty. I am so passionate about hair – you’ll be able to tell from my smile and enthusiasm.

My first love is hair-ups’ – it’s where I can be creative and express myself through hair. I am currently on the floor extending my training with ladies cuts, which is exciting for me. I really enjoy being creative with colour, and with the change in season, now is the perfect time to express my creativity.

I worked along side of our Zedz Director Terrina as a Great Length hair extension assistant, learning everything I can from her (Terrina is the W.A. State Educator for Great Lengths), and have now progressed to having my own hair extension clientele.

In my time at Zedz, I have been involved with Fashion Shows and photos shoots. My recent success was winning the covered position on the Guillaume Art Team, and travelled to Paris to be involved in seminars, fashion shows and an intensive three day course. What a great honour!


“I always have my foils done with Kirsty. This hairdresser is one of the best I have ever used. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to have their colour done.”

Sarah – Master Stylist (click to open)

Hi My Name is Sarah, and I am the New Master Stylist here at Zedz.

I have been hairdressing since 2006, including 18 months in London. Some of my favourite things to do in my trade are short female haircuts and fun hair colours. I also love foiling and giving seamless colour, it’s so satisfying having it look so great for so long.

I’m so excited to learn from the Zedz Team, and I’m really looking forward to being a part of photoshoots and competition work with Terrina and the team as I believe we can really express our creative side.

I feel one of the most important things for me being a Hairdresser is the care and exceptional service we give our guests, as well as the importance of educating them about their hair. As I stylist I believe we never stop learning and I love delivering this to my guests.

I look forward to seeing and meeting you all in-salon.

Shanecka – Senior Stylist (click to open)

Hi, I have been with the ZEDZ Family since 2015.

I have been in the Hairdressing Industry for over 10 years now. I am originally from Jamaica but grew in England before relocating to Perth. I was introduced to the Hairdressing Industry by my Mum, who is a Stylist herself, where I assisted her in running our Salon. This is where I fell in love with the craft, energy and creativity that hairdressing offers.

My passion for the industry grows daily as the trends are forever growing and ever changing. What I love the most is that no two days are the same and I love the creative freedom that Hairdressing allows.I love Colouring & Cutting but specialise in Braiding, Hair Straightening and Extensions.

Looking forward to meeting you in the Salon one day very soon!

Karis – Apprentice (click to open)

I have been very fortunate to have been offered an Apprenticeship at Zedz, and with the Salon winning Salon of the Year at the Oceania Region Awards, I know I’m at the right Salon.
My first love is Hair-ups because I can be as creative as I like. I am always practicing at home. I am excited about my future, and have already been exposed to so many professional hair experiences.
I look forward to seeing you on your next visit to Zedz soon.

Olivia – Apprentice (click to open)

Hi Everyone!

I am the new Apprentice to the ZEDZ Family! I have recently moved from New Zealand where I worked in a Salon there. I am passionate about Colour work and Hair ups as it expresses my creative side and I really enjoy being part of an upbeat Salon environment.

I look forward to seeing you on your next visit.


Beauty & Day Spa Team

Charlotte – Senior Beauty Therapist & Skin Technician (click to open)

I have been in the Beauty Industry for 8 years and Specialise in Skin, particularly in Skin Needling. I find this form of Dermal Therapy to be one of the most elite and advanced forms of skin rejuvenation therapies on the market. The reason this is, is because the skin is doing the job of healing and repairing itself and not the use of a machine.

I also have a strong interest in Massage, more importantly how the body works. Many people know it as Holistic Therapy. It’s all about how the Mind and the Body work together. I have studied various techniques over the course of 15 years, and as a former dance teacher and Personal Trainer, I have an interest in the integral way the body works.

Don’t forget to make your way upstairs to our relaxing Beauty House where we offer many Skin and Body treatments.

Alyssa – Beauty Therapist (click to open)

I have recently completed my Diploma in beauty therapy and I am excited to start my journey here at Zedz!

I am always looking for ways to expand and further my knowledge, as well as meet new people every day, and work alongside an amazing team. This is why I love the beauty industry.

The world of beauty is forever changing, growing and evolving, becoming more advanced and introducing new treatments which I hope to bring to you.
I have a strong passion for all aspects of beauty including body treatments, facials, waxing, tinting and lash extensions along with holistic therapy too.

As a therapist my main objective is to help our clientele achieve their desired results, which I look forward to helping you do!

Lauren – Trainee Beauty Therapist (click to open)

Hi, I am Lauren.
I have been intrigued by the Hair & Beauty industry since I can remember. I love making people feel absolutely amazing, so have joined the Beauty Industry. I especially enjoy seeing the evolvement of techniques and products. I am mastering the basics, and studying as much as I can and further my knowledge about skin and the body.
Zedz is the right place for me to be. I am working with a fabulous team, and constantly learning new skills and techniques around skin and body, and in a lovely environment. What other Salon can combine this? I am so grateful to be able to work in a beautiful, well-established placed like this, alongside Terrina and her talented Staff.

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